Applied Air Air Turnover Systems and Direct/Indirect Heating Systems

Applied Air has the solution to your climate control needs by offering a wide range of products for commercial or industrial applications.

Direct Fired
The Direct Fired gas heating systems add warm, fresh and clean air to the work environment for about 20% less than the operation and maintenance cost of indirect gas heat.

Indirect Fired
The flexible, "modular" IF Indirect Fired heating systems add warm, fresh and clean air to your work environment at the highest practical efficiency of 80%.

Air Turnover Systems
Air Turnover systems create uniform temperature throughout the conditioned space.  The result is greater comfort for people in the room and significant savings on heating and cooling costs.

Air Turnover Cooling Systems
For cooling, the system continuously recirculates large volumes of air to eliminate the room's thermal barrier.  The result is a "comfort zone" from the unit discharge down to the floor level.  Extending the height of the discharge increases the height of the comfort zone.  Air in the comfort zone turns over 3.5 to 5 times each hour.

KING KIC Air Curtains
King air curtains create a dynamic "barrier of air"- tailored to the specifics of the opening it is mounted over.  Air curtains are purchased for many reasons; as an effective thermal barrier for a controlled climate, or to keep insects and airborne particulates out of critical process areas.
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