Hartzell Air Movement Ventilation Equipment

Hartzell Air Movement offers a variety of equipment for use in cooling, ventilation, exhaust applications, and heating.
One of the most complete AMCA certified lines of industrial fans in the industry.

General Ventilation Equipment
General ventilation applications typically involve the movement of uncontained air.  These applications include dilution ventilation (intake, exhaust, recirculation), make-up air, and personnel or equipment cooling.

Process Ventilation Equipment
Process ventilation applications typically involve the controlled or contained movement of air from one point to another.  The air must be contained because it is contaminated in some way (fumes, dust, material, temperature).

Hartzell pioneered the development of reinforced plastic fans and blowers and manufactures the most complete line of fiberglass products available to the industry, including fans for general and process ventilation applications.  Fiberglass construction is recommended where corrosive elements exist in fume and vapor form.

Hartzell also manufactures Gas Fired door heaters to complete plant heating requirements.

Hartzell Air Movement, Piqua, OH