HVAC Projects

SPS Technologies, Cleveland, Ohio
Project Scope:
  Replacement of central boiler plant heating system to improve operating efficiencies and employee comfort.
Equipment Selected:  Solaronics Suntube Low-Intensity Gas Radiant Heaters
Results:  Achieved energy savings over $180,000 per year and brought a warm, comfortable environment to the Cleveland facility.
Case History 73

Rochling Automotive, Akron, Ohio
Project Scope:  New building design requiring heating and make up air for the manufacturing facility.
Equipment Selected:  Cambridge Engineering S1600 Blow-thru Space Heaters
Results:  Met the design criteria of low operating costs for space heating and precise control of their variable make-up air requirements.
To read the article on the project, click on the link below (this will take you to Properties Magazine site - article begins on page 44 in the April, 2012 publication).
"Ready for the Road Ahead"

Food Distribution Warehouse, Cleveland, Ohio
Project Scope:
  Replacement of an existing warehouse heating system.
Equipment Selected:   Cambridge S-Series Blow-Thru® Space Heaters
Results:  31% energy savings, $60,000 annual reduction in utility bills.
Retrofit Case Study

Henkel Corporation, Mentor, Ohio
Project Scope:  Update factory heating and ventilation system by improving operating efficiencies and air quality.
Equipment Selected:  Applied Air Direct Fired Gas Make-up Air heaters with pressurization controls and Hartzell BC-Centrifugal fans .
Results:  Improved air quality through controlled air balancing and pressurization while maximizing energy efficiency.