ARES Direct Fired Make-up Air

Using the Modular Component Design approach, ARES systems economically replace large volumes of exhausted air to provide highly-efficient indoor cooling and heating for commercial applications.

When it comes to make-up air systems, ARES provides quality, cost-effective, energy efficient solutions for any work environment.  They are perfect for a wide variety of applications such as warehouses and manufacturing plants, restaurants, commercial kitchens and office buildings.

Direct Fired Make-up Air Unit from ARES
ARES direct fired systems are designed to provide tempered air for all of your make-up air needs.  Constructed with G-90 galvanized steel, cascaded burner technology with up to 100 to 1 turndown ratio, the motherboard digitally controlling the modulating gas valve, and remote connection for start/stop from an EMS or time clock.

Regular seasonal maintenance on ARES units is important as described in the Maintenance Procedures detailed in the O&M Manual.

ARES, Inc., Denison, TX